Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Light gets a "Highly Recommended"

Here is a review on Mustang Studios "Red Light" done by Martin Cox of ( ) and it gets a "Highly Recommended" here is a little on what they said about my scene

* Last to go is the tall, taut Diesel Washington with Tristan Matthews as his hired hole. Diesel's big dick lolls to the side as he watches Tristan undress, but it's soon in a much more active role when he drives it down Tristan's throat. Of all the match-ups included, this one feels most like a dominant client/sex worker encounter, because big stud Diesel totally takes control of the action throughout. With Diesel's huge dick in his face, Tristan can hardly do anything but be mouth-fucked by the big hunk, and then Diesel takes his pleasure by sucking Tristan and eating out his ass. But when the fucking begins, it's an athletic display of strength and agility, with Tristan impaling himself on Diesel's very long cock and then Diesel picking him up and holding him aloft while his dick never leaves Tristan's ass. Diesel gets a bit (but only a bit) calmer when he fucks Tristan doggy-style, then missionary. Tristan still has an ass full of Diesel dick when he cums, and Diesel then finishes up this astounding top act by dropping a load on Tristan's face. For more on "Red Light"

( )

Director: Steve Cruz ( )
Director: Leif Gobo


Bruno Bond ( )
Diesel Washington ( )
Jake Dakota ( )
Josh West ( )
Leo Giamani ( )
Tristan Matthews ( )
Tyler Saint (
Vince Ferelli ( )

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