Friday, April 25, 2008

Back from New York!!!

I just got back from New York yesturday shooting for one of my favorite companies that I been after for a while now, Dark Alley Media, Boy did I have a great time over there with those guys. Owen Hawk directed my first ever hardcore fisting scene YES! fisting scene I decided I needed to try something different and let me tell you all it was sure different but it was cool and Im so excited to see my scene which I also topped in and I don't top much in films as everyone knows I'm more of the bottom bitch.haha. When we were done rapping up the film, I stop over to Connecticut to visit the family and friends it was a short visit but I'm glad to be back home by the beach where I belong.I'll keep everyone posted on my journeys and let you all know when you can get my new flick.