Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to Reveal

So I can finally talk about my directorial debut of "Bowser Makes A Porn" From Dink Flamingo's Dirty Bird Pictures and Steve Jerome's Customboys.. I'm so glad it's finally out, I've been working on this project for a while with my pal Steve Jerome when he had the idea of getting Dirty Bird involved which was great. The film is about me learning how to film and direct for the gay adult industry, Included in my adventures are my good friend Jason Crew, Mike Rocks, Rusty Stevens and Jamison Pierce, all of them hard and ready for the job. I hope I will get my hand behind the camera again and don't be surprised if you see another Tristan Mathews film soon ;) Out this Feburary you can purches it from any of the websites and any adult store

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I found some photos from my new movie "Red Light from Mustang Studios with directing team Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo and Acclaimed erotic photographer Joe Oppedisano. Hope you enjoy! "Red light" due out sometime next month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get yourself a copy!!

Ever dream about being a gay porn star? Well you have to go out and get a copy of Award winning director Mike Donner's book "How to be a Gay Porn Star" not only because there's pictures of me in it, But it is fucking Hilarious and true.Me,Jason Crew and Brant Moore will be signing books

Feburary 13th 2009 @
Obelisk-the Book Store
1029 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 297-4171

See you there :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Way 2 Go Wendy

I just wanted to say a big CONGRATS to my girl Miss Wendy Williams for winning the "2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year". I had sent her a text from the award show in Vegas thinking she was there saying "CONGRATS BABE" and she calls me and ask me what did I win,(she was nominated in two different categories) me and all my friends start screaming You won TS performer of the year, She started screaming glad I got to be the first to tell her. Love you girl you deserve it. See more of Wendy Williams at her hot website

A Sneak Peek

Here are some Sneak peek Pictures from my new movie from Dark Alley Media set to be released some time in February and let me tell you,you will want to see this one!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Sum Up

So now that the holidays are over I can blogg a little about all of it, Christmas was a blast I went to the in laws in Riverside with Andy and Jason it was a blast we stayed in this beautiful hotel that was just amazing it was like a fantasy of lights with a little festival going on so it made me feel a little more at home. My birthday was not so good my friends came up from San Diego to visit me but I was a little depressed so all didn’t go so well but I’ll skip over that part lol .New Years was ok I only went out for a couple hours which was good enough it was way to packed in WeHo .That about sums up the holidays, Hope all of you had a great one :)