Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Update..

Like I last talked about I had just wrapped up my new movie for Mustang Studios “Red Light” Directed by Steve Cruz which was a fucking blast. I myself have just finally wrapped up a movie I directed called “Bowser makes a Porn” with Dirty Bird Pictures, which is due out next month. I am now getting ready for the holidays and my BIRTHDAY which is two day after Christmas, I’m a little bummed that I’m not going to be home and this will be my first time in California but I’m going to make the best of it, here with everyone, it’s going to be my first major holiday with the hubby ☺. I’m going to be mixing a lot of things into this blog and it may not make all that much scents but it’s my words so it doesn’t matter ☺ There was a holiday party here at The Man’s this past Sunday which was the best party ever we all had a great time. I’ve been a little depressed lately but everyone gets in little slumps like that but there’s a whole New Year coming and I’m ready for it till next time…

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back with the Falcon Family

I just returned from San Francisco shooting for Falcon Entertainments Mustang Studios new “Color Box Trilogy” following Blue Movie with directing team Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo and Acclaimed erotic photographer Joe Oppedisano. The first night I arrived it was pretty late and I was beat but I stayed up for a little while and hung out and got to no my scene partner better Diesel Washington,we chatted and talk about how we were going to blow our scene out of the water and boy did we! The next day I had to wake up by 8:30am to go take still photo's with Joe Oppedisano,What a great fucking photographer, My pictures were just amazing I looked great he really catches some great light and shadows the pictures are so erotic. The next day was the scene and I was really nervous but Diesel is a great guy and I mean that.I arrive on set to see everyone Troy,Joe,Adam,Mocca,Steve,Leif and even The Sword showed up, so I started to get comfortiable and I then hear Steve say were all ready on set so I take one deep breath and here we go before I new it, I hear that's a wrap. Im going to save the scene description for surprise for now but I will have some behind the scene photos up soon :)Special thanks to Steve,Leif,Joe and of course Diesel.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pat 1 of "The Novel"

So I haven’t wrote in a while but a ton of things have been happening to me in the past few months, I got married, I moved to Hollywood and been traveling a real lot .I marred fellow porn actor Andy Kirra after 5 days of meeting him with the help of Rentboy.com booth at San Diego pride. We got married at the San Diego Courthouse with my best friend Jessica as the witness. After that we head downtown to celebrate and each got the others name tattooed on our ring fingers. The next day I left to go to New York to promote my new movie “Tattoos Twinks” by Dark Alley Media and make a stop in my home town in Connecticut to do a signing at my friend Dave’s porn shop Adult Video Liquidators in Hamden CT, Where I met Hot Wendy Williams and hung out with her the whole day. Later that night I went back to my mom’s house where I was stay for most of my visit and thought how much I missed my new husband, we talked everyday 10 times a day but I had the love of friends and family to make the time go bye. When it was time to back up and leave New York/Connecticut I got on the plane where I landed in LAX to arrive to my husband at the baggage claim, I was so excited to see him and I was so jet lagged from the plane ride but we took off and I got ready to start my new life here in West Hollywood. We stayed in the night I got in, but arose early and headed off to “The Abbey” and “Fiesta Cantina with Andy and his then friend Ryan, Where my now good friend and roommate YES ROOMATE Jason Sechrest shows up, I’ll fill you in on Jason and our relationship prior, to our reuniting, Jason didn’t care for me to much, we had only met at events and such but first impressions on my have aren’t always the best. But all and all we spent numerous amounts of time getting to know each other and seeing there’s a different side to the drunk Tristan everyone always see’s. Any who let me get to my new living situation I live in a big mansion in the hills with me, Andy, Jason, and 3 other people I have to say its pretty cool and I’m having a great time, I do miss San Diego and my best friend Jessica but I needed a change and this was a big one, but one I don’t regret one bit. To be continued……

Friday, April 25, 2008

Back from New York!!!

I just got back from New York yesturday shooting for one of my favorite companies that I been after for a while now, Dark Alley Media, Boy did I have a great time over there with those guys. Owen Hawk directed my first ever hardcore fisting scene YES! fisting scene I decided I needed to try something different and let me tell you all it was sure different but it was cool and Im so excited to see my scene which I also topped in and I don't top much in films as everyone knows I'm more of the bottom bitch.haha. When we were done rapping up the film, I stop over to Connecticut to visit the family and friends it was a short visit but I'm glad to be back home by the beach where I belong.I'll keep everyone posted on my journeys and let you all know when you can get my new flick.

Monday, March 31, 2008

My weekend in L.A

So I went up to L.A this Thursday to shoot a short movie that Friday and I wanted to go to MJ's for Porn Star of the week with Jason Sechrest but ended up at club Tiger Heat for some reason it was OK..So i shot my movie then later that night ended up at Hamburger Mary's with the Rentboy crew which you know was a fucking blast. I love Angel and Brandon,it seems i found myself loving Brandon more that night..Then came Saturday which I went to see my good friend Mr.Forrest great guy and friend and founder of some of the biggest names in music and pornography that was pretty much my weekend in LA in a nut shell thank god I don't live there it would suck me right in!!!!

"The Hookies" Awards

So everyone, I won Sexiest Escort at the 2nd annual Rentboy Awards "The Hookies"!
Boy, the awards are nice too! It was great to see all the other talented people there, like the FIERCE Angel Benton and my love Brandon Baker.Throughout the awards ceremony, I also met up with J Knight whom which I worked with for a HotHouse production just a few days before hand. Not to mention, it was great meeting up with my old friend Jason Crew, Barrett Long. (also hung out in more ways then one LOL.) He took home the award for "Biggest Dick", duh. And of course my closest friend Jessica was by my side.
On the downside, apparently I was just a little too drunk and didn’t make such a good impression.
Oh well! no harm done! At least, I was the talk of the town for a while. After the amazing awards ceremony it was off to the glamorous Bobby Trendy house were he had a wonderful after party going on. All in all It was a great time!!!! (from what I can remember lol.)
Love you all, and Thanks so much for your support in helping me win SEXIEST ESCORT!

GayVN Awards 2008

So I had a blast in San Fran for the GayVn Awards.Lady Bunny was crazy.I was up for a couple awards but I didn't win anything, but the actors and company's that won sure deserved it! But any who I had a blast at the Falcon pre party and the other party hosted by Rentboy.I was a little tipsy but it great to see everyone and get together off a set and mix and mingle,I also got invited into Chi Chi's cabana with everyone,so you know I had fun there,then the next day it was off to the awards,I had met up with alot of co stars and friends, I also made up with an old friend which was great...But that's all you can read more at gayvnawards.com.

2008 WINNERS!!!
Best Newcomer: Blake Riley
Best Amateur Video: Edge Series 1 (Chaos Men)
Best Pro/Am Release: Edinburgh (Collin O'Neal's World of Men)
Best Solo Performance: Ricky Sinz, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best Alternative Release: Naked Boys Singing (TLA Releasing)
Best Bisexual Release: Bi Accident (Devil's Film)
Best Leather Video: Folsom Leather (Titan Media)
Best Oral Scene: Joey Amis takes on the cast of Mating Season (Bel Ami)
Best Specialty Release: Executive Pleasures 1 (MenAtPlay.com)
Best Specialty Release (18-23): Rebel (Bel Ami)
Best Specialty Release (Bear): When Bears Attack (Rascal Video)
Best Specialty Release (Extreme): Fear (Titan Media)
Best Group Scene: Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Joe Strong, Matt Majors, Brendan Davies, Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Non-Sexual Performance: Joe Shepard, The Intern (Lucas Entertainment)
Best Boxcover Concept: Passio (Dark Alley Media)
Best Overall Marketing Campaign: Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Packaging: Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Still Photographer: Kent Taylor/Geof Teague, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best Makeup Artist: Seth Stone, On Fire! (Jet Set Men)
Best Art Direction: Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Editing: Chris Ward/Ben Leon, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best DVD Extras/Special Edition: GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best Solo Video: Minute Man Solo #29: Built (COLT Studio)
Best Classic Gay DVD: Falcon 35th Anniversary Box Set (Falcon)
Best Actor - Foreign Release: Jean Franko, The Men I Wanted (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Best Renting Title of 2007: The Intern (Lucas Entertainment)
Best Supporting Actor: Tie: Christian Cruz, The Intern (Lucas Entertainment); Ricky Sinz, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best Sex Comedy: The Intern (Lucas Entertainment)
Best Threesome: Jesse Santana, Nickolay Petrov, Jason White, Just Add Water (Jet Set Men)
Best Ethnic-Themed Video: Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine! (Pitbull Productions)
Best Ethnic-Themed Video (Latin): Amazonia: Capture and Release (Atheltic Model Guild/AMG Brasil)
Best Music: Red Shag, Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Screenplay: Jerry Douglas, Brotherhood (Buckshot Productions)
Best Foreign Release: Knockout (Falcon International)
Best All-Sex Video: Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)
Best Sex Scene - Duo: Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Best Videography: Brian Mills and Paul Wilde, FEAR (Titan Media)
Best Actor: Jake Deckard, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)
Performer of the Year: Jake Deckard
Best Director: Chris Ward
Best Picture: GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)