Monday, March 31, 2008

My weekend in L.A

So I went up to L.A this Thursday to shoot a short movie that Friday and I wanted to go to MJ's for Porn Star of the week with Jason Sechrest but ended up at club Tiger Heat for some reason it was OK..So i shot my movie then later that night ended up at Hamburger Mary's with the Rentboy crew which you know was a fucking blast. I love Angel and Brandon,it seems i found myself loving Brandon more that night..Then came Saturday which I went to see my good friend Mr.Forrest great guy and friend and founder of some of the biggest names in music and pornography that was pretty much my weekend in LA in a nut shell thank god I don't live there it would suck me right in!!!!

1 comment:

Brandon Baker said...

Yes, you did my dear, and it was FABULOUS! *wink*
Thanks for the fun weekend, hot stuff.