Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk about *CRUDE*

I got word today from my friends over at Dark Alley Media that my newest movie directed by the fabulous Mr. Owen Hawk will be out in March, I’ve been a little nervous about this movies release for a couple reasons, It is a very special performance by me. It’s the first one to be shot with my husband Andy Kirra and I together. The preview looks amazing and I cannot wait to get a copy this movie will definitely make a commotion, amongst Andy and myself is Marcelo Masko, Ian McQueen, Owen Hawk, Lars Svenson, Paris, Jay Scorpio, Daxx Reed, Wylie Todd We all play hot sweaty oil refinery workers that are just a little to horny. You DON’T want to miss this it will be available for pre-order through MAKE SURE TO GET YORSELF A COPY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red Light, Freshman Party...More

I got the news that 'Mustang Studios' production "Red Light" will be released on March 3rd 2009 so make sure to pick yourself up a copy its going to be fucking amazing. On Wednesday I Attend the 'Freshman Valentines Day Cover Party' along side Brandon Baker,Rusty, Steven Richards and Jim Liu.Earlier that evening I had met Jason Sechrest at "The Man's" to check out his new place and then accompanied him to "Industry" at Numbers Restaurant for a few drinks and dinner, I have to say I had a fucking blast. I've been laying low for awhile so it was nice to get out and have some fun! I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2009 GayVN nominees and all the cybersocket and Xbiz winners you all deserve it..I got some great news that one of my best friends in coming to see me in March I am super excited for that I can wait..thats all for now... xXxo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Apartment and Doggie!

So I moved out of "The Mans" to a cute little apartment in hills of hollywood with the hubby, also added a new addition to our little family (no it's not a baby) but a little chihuahua - mini pin mix that me and Andy rescued from a animal shelter in south LA he is so fucking cute!!! I love him to death already. I miss Jason and Michelle a lot but Im about 10 mins away so I will still see them I've been a bit of a homebody lately getting a lot of my shit together and staying away from the club scene for a little while and focus more on my writing and career . I'm working on my second movie that I will be directing it's written by me and I am doing all the casting and everything on my own so Im very excited about that so wish me luck! I have quite a few new movies coming out as I had mentioned in previous entry's Mustang Studios "Red Light" that has been getting does of press its going to be a fucking awesome movie! "Bowser makes a Porn" Dirty Bird Pictures staring and directed by yours truly, "Crude" by one of my favorite studios Dark Alley Media and I'm hoping to work with a few others really soon like Ragging Stallion, Buckshot, Channel 1 of course and some others Evil Angel, again soon and of course some more work with my TS friends... So I got a lot Im working on and I hope this New Year is good to me as well as all of YOU!! Much Love XxXo