Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Apartment and Doggie!

So I moved out of "The Mans" to a cute little apartment in hills of hollywood with the hubby, also added a new addition to our little family (no it's not a baby) but a little chihuahua - mini pin mix that me and Andy rescued from a animal shelter in south LA he is so fucking cute!!! I love him to death already. I miss Jason and Michelle a lot but Im about 10 mins away so I will still see them I've been a bit of a homebody lately getting a lot of my shit together and staying away from the club scene for a little while and focus more on my writing and career . I'm working on my second movie that I will be directing it's written by me and I am doing all the casting and everything on my own so Im very excited about that so wish me luck! I have quite a few new movies coming out as I had mentioned in previous entry's Mustang Studios "Red Light" that has been getting does of press its going to be a fucking awesome movie! "Bowser makes a Porn" Dirty Bird Pictures staring and directed by yours truly, "Crude" by one of my favorite studios Dark Alley Media and I'm hoping to work with a few others really soon like Ragging Stallion, Buckshot, Channel 1 of course and some others Evil Angel, again soon and of course some more work with my TS friends... So I got a lot Im working on and I hope this New Year is good to me as well as all of YOU!! Much Love XxXo

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Borderboys said...

aww what a cute doggy! Goes well with his cute owner!