Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey Everyone,
so I am leaving tomorrow to head to MASS. for my 2 night event I'm hosting at a couple clubs, I also got a call from the fabulous Mr. Pam over at Lucas Entertainment and I will be shooting with them on Wednesday June 24Th for there Raunch Line which I am super excited to finally get to work with them, I had a offer to be in the great movie La Dolce Vita but something came up and I was not able to make it to NYC for shooting but this time around then found the perfect project for me something nice and raunchy just how I like my sex so this should be a fucking amazing movie. I also in talks with working with and his amazing 2&3D porn as well as shooting a couple scenes for the 3rd movie I am directing so I am going to be a pretty busy boy, a porn actor is never on vacation LOL.I am actually going to start doing some Vlogging and show some more behind the scenes of my adventures so keep following and check out my website

Friday, June 12, 2009


Im getting ready for my trip to MA for the 2 night event I'm hosting at a few local club which I am super excited about, I'll be making a short stop by Connecticut to see the family and friends and also shoot a couple scene for my next movie as well.I am going to be hitting the editing room this week before I leave and get "Bowser Makes Another Porn" mastered for release.Keep checking back I will be blogging from my trip and have lots of pictures!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Southland porn actress tests positive for HIV

A Southland actress has tested positive for HIV, renewing concerns that the porn industry lacks sufficient safety measures to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The new case was confirmed Wednesday by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a San Fernando Valley-based clinic that serves adult-film stars in Sherman Oaks and Granada Hills.

Public health officials, however, said that no official report had been made at the state or county level.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Los Angeles County's chief health office, said that his office was launching an investigation.

Officials from the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health also told the newspaper that they will look into the circumstances of the case -- the first publicly confirmed HIV infection in Southern California's porn industry since 2004, when an HIV outbreak shut down production for four weeks.

At that time, a porn actor who had returned from working in Brazil spread the virus to three actresses who had performed with him. A transsexual performer unrelated to the other cases also tested positive.

In the latest case, HIV tests of the woman's partners have been negative for the virus, Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation officials said.

Those partners are not being allowed to perform at this time and are being encouraged to test again in 14 days, said Brooke Hunter, the clinic's administrator.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blatino Awards

FlavaMen Magazine has announced that they will be having awards this year .The Blatino Porn category will recognize Best Acting Top, Bottom and Versatile performer, as well as Most Notable Porn Star. Rounding out the category are Best Black and Latin DVD, Best Director and Best Studio To read more on this and cast your votes please visit

Monday, May 18, 2009


Help support a great cause and one of the most important people in my life and donate to the Aids Marathon. For more information on this cause please visit this website

*Come Out to Massachusetts*

Sharon Kane to Play my Hot Mama

I finally got in touch with porn superstar Sharon Kane and she has signed on to play my sexy mom in the sequel to “Bowser Makes A Porn” That I directed for Dirty Bird Pictures/Customboys. This one is going to be incredibly funny and have more of a explanation to the first one. Check out more at

Friday, March 27, 2009


So I randomly came across this video by the fierce Sharon Kane which I think is amazing, Sharon scored background music for many studios in the adult entertainment video industry on top of being one of the biggest stars in the industry,She is an amazing woman that I had the pleasure of working with check out the video

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"4.5 for Bowser"

"Bowser Makes A Porn" produced by Dirty Bird Pictures and Customboys directed by me gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars says 'Bowser is set to be released March 19th 2009 and is streaming on AEBN check it out!

2009 GayVN Hall of Fame Inductees

CONGRATS!! on all the 2009 GayVN Hall of Fame Inductees here is what AVN had to say about each Performer/Director

Dink Flamingo - Flamingo is a pioneer in amateur website content, filming men from nearby military bases for In 2007, he branched out with a new video line, Dirty Bird Pictures, and recently helped Brent Corrigan launch his own studio, Prodigy Pictures.

Michael Lucas - Lucas swept the GAYVN Awards with his La Dolce Vita in 2007 and has cemented his stature as an A-list director and performer with both his own studio, Lucas Entertainment, and his own distribution company, Lucas Distribution. He's known for his political views and outspoken personality as well as producing and starring in classic films, including Dangerous Liaisons, The Intern and Gigolo.

TJ Paris - San Francisco native Paris got started in the biz back in 1985 and discovered stars such as Paul Morgan and Rob Steele. With a background in fashion photography, Paris has worked on fashion videos and men's fitness shoots in addition to wardrobe and art direction for mainstream films since leaving the adult industry in 2005.

Dean Phoenix - Phoenix made his debut in 1998 and went on to become a GAYVN Award winner and an icon in the industry. Despite retiring in 2000, he made a triumphant return in the 2004 Buckshot classic BuckleRoos and has continued his hot streak with films like Buckshot's Brotherhood, All Worlds' Forever Young and Jet Set Men's On Fire!

Jack Simmons - Simmons got his start back in 1995 as Buck Stradlin in Jet Set's Marine Code of Silence, directed by Hall of Famer Paul Barresi. He changed his name to Jack Simmons in honor of Robert Mapplethorpe model Joe Simmons, helped name Aron Ridge and Thom Barron, helped John Ross get his start, and was the first African-American to work for major studios, including Falcon (The Freshmen), Titan (Naked Escape) and All Worlds (Animus).

Phil St. John - St. John is an American Film Institute Fellow and an Oscar nominee for a student film, which was broadcast on PBS. He was the first to shoot a double-penetration scene in gay porn, the first to shoot gay porn focused on skate culture and the first to include a behind-the-scenes extra for a DVD. He is best-known for Skateboard Sliders, Getting it at the Rave, Taggers and Double Delights.

Chris Steele - Texas-born Steele started his career as a performer for many studios before segueing into writing, producing and directing. He's a GAYVN- and Grabby Award winner and is currently a head honcho over at Jet Set Men.

Mini Update..

I haven’t really wrote a update in awhile I’ve been keep as busy as I can with working on my site working and partying of course this month is a very exciting month my best friend from Connecticut is coming her to visit for a week she came once before to visit me when I first got settled in San Diego. I went down to San Diego to have my meeting about me directing another movie (more on that soon) I got to spend a little time with my old pals Jason Crew who looks fabulous by the way and Jay Holt and Jessica of course. So it was a fun time. Andy got a new job and is going to school so I man the fort for most of the day with hour crazy new son I miss him a lot, as for what else is going on “Bowser Makes A Porn” will be on sale March 19th, 2009 it is streaming on AEBN now. I’m going to be making a appearance at Club Xstatic in Springfield MA the last weekend of May so I may make a pit stop by CT and say hello to the family and friends. I will keep everyone updated on my journey.


"The Hookies" are BACK but NOT in town

The Hookies are back but not in town the ceremony is at Splash Bar & Lounge in New York City March 20th at 8:00pm. Drag artist and performer Shequida will emcee the evening expected to make appearances are actor/comedian Johnny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern and adult performer-director Michael Lucas,Jason Sechrest as well as all your favorite porn studs, I will not be there is year I thought I was going to make in to New York but will not be able to attend I do have my memories from last year, I took home "Sexiest Escort" award and there are some interesting videos of me on youtube to remember the event “The International Escort Awards is Rentboy’s way of recognizing, applauding and showing respect to the thousands of escorts and masseurs who put their effort, courage and skill into the underappreciated escort business every day,” the website announced.CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE 2009 NOMINEES to read more about the hookies check out it's official page at

Red Light gets a "Highly Recommended"

Here is a review on Mustang Studios "Red Light" done by Martin Cox of ( ) and it gets a "Highly Recommended" here is a little on what they said about my scene

* Last to go is the tall, taut Diesel Washington with Tristan Matthews as his hired hole. Diesel's big dick lolls to the side as he watches Tristan undress, but it's soon in a much more active role when he drives it down Tristan's throat. Of all the match-ups included, this one feels most like a dominant client/sex worker encounter, because big stud Diesel totally takes control of the action throughout. With Diesel's huge dick in his face, Tristan can hardly do anything but be mouth-fucked by the big hunk, and then Diesel takes his pleasure by sucking Tristan and eating out his ass. But when the fucking begins, it's an athletic display of strength and agility, with Tristan impaling himself on Diesel's very long cock and then Diesel picking him up and holding him aloft while his dick never leaves Tristan's ass. Diesel gets a bit (but only a bit) calmer when he fucks Tristan doggy-style, then missionary. Tristan still has an ass full of Diesel dick when he cums, and Diesel then finishes up this astounding top act by dropping a load on Tristan's face. For more on "Red Light"

( )

Director: Steve Cruz ( )
Director: Leif Gobo


Bruno Bond ( )
Diesel Washington ( )
Jake Dakota ( )
Josh West ( )
Leo Giamani ( )
Tristan Matthews ( )
Tyler Saint (
Vince Ferelli ( )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk about *CRUDE*

I got word today from my friends over at Dark Alley Media that my newest movie directed by the fabulous Mr. Owen Hawk will be out in March, I’ve been a little nervous about this movies release for a couple reasons, It is a very special performance by me. It’s the first one to be shot with my husband Andy Kirra and I together. The preview looks amazing and I cannot wait to get a copy this movie will definitely make a commotion, amongst Andy and myself is Marcelo Masko, Ian McQueen, Owen Hawk, Lars Svenson, Paris, Jay Scorpio, Daxx Reed, Wylie Todd We all play hot sweaty oil refinery workers that are just a little to horny. You DON’T want to miss this it will be available for pre-order through MAKE SURE TO GET YORSELF A COPY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red Light, Freshman Party...More

I got the news that 'Mustang Studios' production "Red Light" will be released on March 3rd 2009 so make sure to pick yourself up a copy its going to be fucking amazing. On Wednesday I Attend the 'Freshman Valentines Day Cover Party' along side Brandon Baker,Rusty, Steven Richards and Jim Liu.Earlier that evening I had met Jason Sechrest at "The Man's" to check out his new place and then accompanied him to "Industry" at Numbers Restaurant for a few drinks and dinner, I have to say I had a fucking blast. I've been laying low for awhile so it was nice to get out and have some fun! I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2009 GayVN nominees and all the cybersocket and Xbiz winners you all deserve it..I got some great news that one of my best friends in coming to see me in March I am super excited for that I can wait..thats all for now... xXxo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Apartment and Doggie!

So I moved out of "The Mans" to a cute little apartment in hills of hollywood with the hubby, also added a new addition to our little family (no it's not a baby) but a little chihuahua - mini pin mix that me and Andy rescued from a animal shelter in south LA he is so fucking cute!!! I love him to death already. I miss Jason and Michelle a lot but Im about 10 mins away so I will still see them I've been a bit of a homebody lately getting a lot of my shit together and staying away from the club scene for a little while and focus more on my writing and career . I'm working on my second movie that I will be directing it's written by me and I am doing all the casting and everything on my own so Im very excited about that so wish me luck! I have quite a few new movies coming out as I had mentioned in previous entry's Mustang Studios "Red Light" that has been getting does of press its going to be a fucking awesome movie! "Bowser makes a Porn" Dirty Bird Pictures staring and directed by yours truly, "Crude" by one of my favorite studios Dark Alley Media and I'm hoping to work with a few others really soon like Ragging Stallion, Buckshot, Channel 1 of course and some others Evil Angel, again soon and of course some more work with my TS friends... So I got a lot Im working on and I hope this New Year is good to me as well as all of YOU!! Much Love XxXo

Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to Reveal

So I can finally talk about my directorial debut of "Bowser Makes A Porn" From Dink Flamingo's Dirty Bird Pictures and Steve Jerome's Customboys.. I'm so glad it's finally out, I've been working on this project for a while with my pal Steve Jerome when he had the idea of getting Dirty Bird involved which was great. The film is about me learning how to film and direct for the gay adult industry, Included in my adventures are my good friend Jason Crew, Mike Rocks, Rusty Stevens and Jamison Pierce, all of them hard and ready for the job. I hope I will get my hand behind the camera again and don't be surprised if you see another Tristan Mathews film soon ;) Out this Feburary you can purches it from any of the websites and any adult store

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I found some photos from my new movie "Red Light from Mustang Studios with directing team Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo and Acclaimed erotic photographer Joe Oppedisano. Hope you enjoy! "Red light" due out sometime next month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get yourself a copy!!

Ever dream about being a gay porn star? Well you have to go out and get a copy of Award winning director Mike Donner's book "How to be a Gay Porn Star" not only because there's pictures of me in it, But it is fucking Hilarious and true.Me,Jason Crew and Brant Moore will be signing books

Feburary 13th 2009 @
Obelisk-the Book Store
1029 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 297-4171

See you there :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Way 2 Go Wendy

I just wanted to say a big CONGRATS to my girl Miss Wendy Williams for winning the "2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year". I had sent her a text from the award show in Vegas thinking she was there saying "CONGRATS BABE" and she calls me and ask me what did I win,(she was nominated in two different categories) me and all my friends start screaming You won TS performer of the year, She started screaming glad I got to be the first to tell her. Love you girl you deserve it. See more of Wendy Williams at her hot website

A Sneak Peek

Here are some Sneak peek Pictures from my new movie from Dark Alley Media set to be released some time in February and let me tell you,you will want to see this one!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Sum Up

So now that the holidays are over I can blogg a little about all of it, Christmas was a blast I went to the in laws in Riverside with Andy and Jason it was a blast we stayed in this beautiful hotel that was just amazing it was like a fantasy of lights with a little festival going on so it made me feel a little more at home. My birthday was not so good my friends came up from San Diego to visit me but I was a little depressed so all didn’t go so well but I’ll skip over that part lol .New Years was ok I only went out for a couple hours which was good enough it was way to packed in WeHo .That about sums up the holidays, Hope all of you had a great one :)