Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mini Update..

I haven’t really wrote a update in awhile I’ve been keep as busy as I can with working on my site working and partying of course this month is a very exciting month my best friend from Connecticut is coming her to visit for a week she came once before to visit me when I first got settled in San Diego. I went down to San Diego to have my meeting about me directing another movie (more on that soon) I got to spend a little time with my old pals Jason Crew who looks fabulous by the way and Jay Holt and Jessica of course. So it was a fun time. Andy got a new job and is going to school so I man the fort for most of the day with hour crazy new son I miss him a lot, as for what else is going on “Bowser Makes A Porn” will be on sale March 19th, 2009 it is streaming on AEBN now. I’m going to be making a appearance at Club Xstatic in Springfield MA the last weekend of May so I may make a pit stop by CT and say hello to the family and friends. I will keep everyone updated on my journey.


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