Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Sum Up

So now that the holidays are over I can blogg a little about all of it, Christmas was a blast I went to the in laws in Riverside with Andy and Jason it was a blast we stayed in this beautiful hotel that was just amazing it was like a fantasy of lights with a little festival going on so it made me feel a little more at home. My birthday was not so good my friends came up from San Diego to visit me but I was a little depressed so all didn’t go so well but I’ll skip over that part lol .New Years was ok I only went out for a couple hours which was good enough it was way to packed in WeHo .That about sums up the holidays, Hope all of you had a great one :)


Chris Kaos said...

My holidays this year were kind of depressing too. I think a lot of people are suffering due to the economy.

Fumi said...

heard u were @ jason's industry nite, working w/o alcohol; that may not be a big deal 2 u, tristan, but so inspiring 4 many of us. just wanted 2 share ur happiness inspires lots men who found u attractive, thanx!