Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back with the Falcon Family

I just returned from San Francisco shooting for Falcon Entertainments Mustang Studios new “Color Box Trilogy” following Blue Movie with directing team Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo and Acclaimed erotic photographer Joe Oppedisano. The first night I arrived it was pretty late and I was beat but I stayed up for a little while and hung out and got to no my scene partner better Diesel Washington,we chatted and talk about how we were going to blow our scene out of the water and boy did we! The next day I had to wake up by 8:30am to go take still photo's with Joe Oppedisano,What a great fucking photographer, My pictures were just amazing I looked great he really catches some great light and shadows the pictures are so erotic. The next day was the scene and I was really nervous but Diesel is a great guy and I mean that.I arrive on set to see everyone Troy,Joe,Adam,Mocca,Steve,Leif and even The Sword showed up, so I started to get comfortiable and I then hear Steve say were all ready on set so I take one deep breath and here we go before I new it, I hear that's a wrap. Im going to save the scene description for surprise for now but I will have some behind the scene photos up soon :)Special thanks to Steve,Leif,Joe and of course Diesel.

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