Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm not dead!!

Hey Everyone! I've been getting some emails asking where I have been and If I'm still making movies? The answer to that is YES & NO.I kinda been in Hiding for a little bit, took a short break to get a little breather from the industry it could be a little much at times but I'm back and look better then ever if I do say so myself! There are a couple releases hitting stores and internet "Sexy Fucks" by Dominic Ford as well as "Bowser Makes Another Porn"the second installment to my 1st Grabby nominated film
"Bowser Makes A Porn" both directed and starring yours truly I also shot for 'PLAYGIRL' a couple weeks ago. Other than that been traveling a lot and working with some other porn stars and companies promoting and doing PR work, No need to worry I'm back in Tristan mode and you have not seen or heard the last of me!


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